Affordable Housing in Suffolk County, New York: Policies and Plans for a Brighter Future

The Suffolk County Department of Economic Development and Planning is taking decisive action to make affordable housing more accessible in the area. They are working with municipalities, non-profit organizations, and developers to construct and renovate housing that is within reach of people with low incomes. The New York Republican congressional delegation has expressed their concern that these housing plans could cause “chaos” in the suburbs. However, Governor Kathy Hochul has a comprehensive approach to addressing the most pressing housing issues in New York.

Sidney Joyner, chairman of the board of directors of the Long Island Urban League, has voiced his support for Hochul's plan. The New York State Affordable Housing Corporation (AHC) is providing grants to government, non-profit, and charitable organizations to help offset the cost of newly built homes and the renovation of existing homes. This is intended to promote homeownership among low- and moderate-income families who have few affordable options in the private market. Hochul is eager to collaborate with any elected leader who wants to be part of the solution. Hochul's housing plan includes mandates for communities surrounding New York City to increase their housing supply by 3% each year.

This includes requiring that suburbs within a 15-mile radius of the city allow at least 50 housing units per acre less than half a mile from any transit station, with lower requirements for communities further away from the city.

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