Unleashing Creativity: Exploring Arts and Cultural Events in Suffolk County, New York

At the heart of the New York State Council on the Arts' (NYSCA) mission to cultivate vibrant artistic communities is their work with State Community Grant (SCR) partners. NYSCA works with regional arts councils and cultural organizations to provide support in a wide range of artistic disciplines across all 62 counties in the state. These local grant-making organizations are known as State Community Gift Partners. East End Arts is one such organization that is devoted to unlocking creativity and constructing a community across the East End.

Through donations, East End Arts is able to offer a variety of events, educational opportunities, and programs. The Professional Development Program for Folk and Traditional Arts provides assistance for particular workshops and meetings, including the annual New York State Folk Arts Roundtable and an annual internship for graduate students in public folklore. It also supports the conservation needs related to artifacts often found in art and history museums and historical societies throughout New York State. The program also offers two to three free four-day intensive trainings, networking events, and resource talks for artists and arts groups in New York State in collaboration with and organized by a local arts council or organization.

The Long Island Arts Alliance (LIAA) allows individuals to express their emotions through commemorative gifts or tributes that pay homage to their loved ones while also supporting LIAA's efforts to promote awareness and participation in Long Island's premier arts and cultural institutions. The Mentoring and Professional Development Program provides free technical assistance and opportunities to organizations and individuals participating in or planning traditional and folk art programs in New York State. The Office of Minority Affairs also offers technical aid to community-based organizations that provide services and outreach activities to Suffolk's diverse ethnic communities. It supports electronic media and film organizations, as well as individual artists, in all regions of New York State.

Businesses that wish to become certified as minority- or women-owned businesses in Suffolk County can also obtain applications and information about qualifications through the Office of Minority Affairs. The program also provides support opportunities for museums and museum service organizations to attend conferences, workshops, conduct research, or learn from other museums in New York State. It supports artistic programming at approximately 10 participating Department of Corrections and Oversight (DOCCS) and Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) centers across New York State. The Huntington Arts Council is the official artistic coordinating agency for the city of Huntington and is the primary refinancing agency in Suffolk County for the New York State Arts Council (NYSCA).

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