Unlocking the Potential of Suffolk County, New York: Promoting Tourism and Economic Development

The mission of the Department of Economic Development and Planning in Suffolk County, New York is to foster a comprehensive understanding of how to grow, improve and conserve the area. With its rich history, culture, recreational venues, excellent resources for education and scientific research, and dynamic economic environment and workforce, Suffolk is an ideal place for families and businesses alike. The Committee has jurisdiction over all programs, policies, funds, grants, and initiatives related to stimulating, growing, managing, revitalizing or developing the economy of Long Island. This includes the Suffolk County Urban Center Revitalization Program, the Suffolk County Landbank Program and cultural issues.

The proposed Midway Crossing development is located on 179 acres of public land near downtown Long Island. It has ideal proximity to Long Island's MacArthur Airport and the Long Island Railroad (LIRR), with direct connection to Penn Station and Grand Central Station in New York City. The Committee also has jurisdiction over the leases and administration of Suffolk County Francis S.The Department of Economic Development and Planning is dedicated to unlocking the potential of Suffolk County by promoting tourism and economic development. To this end, they have implemented a number of policies to encourage growth in the area.

These include tax incentives for businesses that invest in the county, grants for small businesses to help them expand their operations, and subsidies for businesses that create jobs in the area. The county also offers a range of services to help businesses succeed, such as business counseling and technical assistance. In addition to these policies, the county has also implemented a number of initiatives to promote tourism in the area. These include marketing campaigns to attract visitors from outside the county, as well as programs to encourage local residents to explore their own backyard. The county also offers a range of events throughout the year that are designed to attract tourists from around the world. The Department of Economic Development and Planning is committed to promoting tourism and economic development in Suffolk County.

Through their policies and initiatives, they are helping to create a vibrant economy that will benefit both residents and visitors alike.

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