Public Transportation Safety Regulations in Suffolk County, New York: A Comprehensive Guide

The Vision Zero program is an international initiative that seeks to reduce traffic fatalities and serious injuries. In the United States, the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) have requested information from Suffolk County, New York about its transit system, Suffolk County Transit (SCT), and its compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).According to documents provided by the county, SCT has an overall rate of 72 percent in completing announcements for stops and routes. SCT monitors compliance through outside contractors hired by SCT service contractors, but direct control of the monitoring program by SCT would provide more independent oversight of contractors' performance. SCT reports that 100 percent of its fleet has elevators, but documents provided to the FTA and the DOJ also show that during the sampling period, SCT inspectors reported 62 cases of buses with inoperable elevators, 40 percent of which SCT used in operation before repairing the malfunction.

The DOT ADA regulations require the use of accessible buses when an accessible spare bus is available, and the use of an inaccessible bus for no more than three days if there is no spare vehicle available to replace the one with an inoperable elevator. However, SCT used 14 of its buses with inoperable elevators (more than 20 percent) for more than three consecutive days, in express violation of this DOT ADA regulation. Suffolk County's Vision Zero plan will involve significant collaboration with all levels of government, including county agencies, state partners, cities, villages, community organizations, and Suffolk County residents. The capacity of a transportation system includes not only its capacity to carry passengers, but also its ability to schedule trips in the first place; ongoing problems accessing the system's telephone service discourage and prevent passengers from using the service, demonstrating a capacity limitation. In addition to these findings, Suffolk County's policy of non-discrimination in county services also extends to discrimination on the basis of disability, gender (in the context of education), or age. The county has also implemented a Reasonable Modification Policy which states that it is Suffolk County Transit's policy to make reasonable changes to its policies, practices or procedures when requested by people with disabilities when such accommodations are necessary to avoid discrimination on the basis of disability. Suffolk County Transit Service (SCT) observed holidays* No service on New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving or Christmas.

All school districts can choose to participate in the Suffolk County program and benefit from an advanced school bus safety suite implemented across their fleets at no cost to schools, taxpayers or the county. Operating staff can check with the Suffolk County Transit Administration before making a decision to grant or deny a request for reasonable modification. By using the pilot project's violation rate in modeling, Suffolk County children are at risk of suffering up to 8,100 violations per day. It is preferred that requests to modify Suffolk County Transit policies, practices or procedures to accommodate a person with a disability be made in advance. Suffolk County is committed to reducing traffic fatalities and serious injuries and will urgently work to achieve this goal. Reducing school bus stop violations while running will significantly contribute to student safety and school bus safety in and around Suffolk County.

We need to make Suffolk County's streets and transportation facilities safe for everyone regardless of their choice to walk, bike, drive or take public transportation. This comprehensive guide provides an overview of public transportation safety regulations in Suffolk County, New York. It covers topics such as Vision Zero initiatives, compliance with ADA regulations, reasonable modification policies for people with disabilities, holiday schedules for SCT services and school bus safety measures. By understanding these regulations and implementing them properly, we can ensure that everyone can safely access public transportation in Suffolk County.

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